Social Stratosphere Update: Toot Your Own Trumpet

Social Stratosphere Update: Toot Your Own Trumpet

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by Mike Kirner
Senior Marketing Associate & Storyteller
Northern California

Warning Sign

Toot Your Own Trumpet

( Warning: This is NOT an Endorsement of Any Presidential Candidate )

While listening to the GOP front runner’s lively ( and often controversial) communications and antics is interesting to some and over the top annoying to others, he is able somehow to garner more media attention than anyone could possibly fathom. There are people on the opposite side of the political spectrum who have allegedly said, “I cannot get enough of him.”

Frankly, the brash and outspoken billionaire and real estate mogul routinely breaks virtually all the rules of Public Relations and deftly manages to rise in popularity. No one knows how this will eventually play out.

Love, Loathing or Laughter
Whether he inspires love, loathing or laughter – this is a seasoned brand builder at work. CNN and FOX News viewers like myself will note that he repeats himself often. This is called marketing; it’s called reminding people how great you are; it’s also called focus. His unconventional tactics will never convince everyone to cast their vote, but they will convince millions to do just that.

Ironically, the one person who has millions (or billions) of dollars available for marketing, simply does not need to spend much on self promotion. One could blame ( or credit ) the media for this phenomenon.

The Reality of Commercial Real Estate Personal Marketing
In Sacramento’s commercial real estate world, it’s significantly more difficult to attract media attention. This applies especially to social media novices and younger commercial brokers who do not have a long career track record. More often than not, the quest to gain media attention, followers and social indexing is described as tedious and time consuming.

There’s no question that it’s difficult………..It’s not easy and it takes a lot of work to build a sound online personal brand. On the other hand, it’s not really that difficult to achieve at least some online branding success by following a few easy steps, once or twice a week for 15 or 20 minutes.

Cushman & Wakefield Brokers Attend Inaugural Social Media Basics Session
Last month, a group of brokers at Cushman & Wakefield’s Northern California HQ decided that they would roll up their Brooks Brothers sleeves and begin marketing their online brand more enthusiastically.

The brokers collaborated by launching a monthly small discussion group to cover the basics of building an online presence in the Social Stratosphere. The Social Stratosphere consists of all the elements, tactics and online platforms necessary to enhance your presence on the web. These include regularly engaging with LinkedIn, twitter, content sharing, commenting on blogs, promoting your company’s thought leadership, posting on Chatter and whenever appropriate, thinking outside of the box.

The discussions are called “Social Media Basics,” a casual, get-together to address some of the fundamentals of promoting one’s Thought Leadership online. The groups are very small, to encourage open discussion and immediate feedback. A large screen monitor assists in providing hands on, visual guidance to help understand the concepts being presented.

Last month’s Social Media Basics participants included Dan Johnson, Garret Mills, Stephen Llevano and Danny Pickard.

Social Stratosphere Mike Kirner Cushman & Wakefield 2015

Google Yourself
The first Social Media Basics session began with a very simple introduction to social media basics and an actual Google Search of each participant. Together, the group discussed what kind of an online trail each broker currently has on the world’s most powerful search engine. In other words, the group talked about how much indexing each individual has on Google. Google indexing is the physical text-based trail that any individual leaves behind when engaging with LinkedIn, providing comments on blog like this, posting links on twitter and other social platforms.

Each month, the discussion will focus on slightly more advanced social media tactics. The amount of new google indexing for each participant will be monitored.

Indexing: Your Online Presence
Below is my own Google Indexing after I type my name into the search query. Most of the time, your LinkedIn profile and regular participation in a reputable blog will rise to the top of the search results.

mike kirner senior marketing associatre cushman

Please keep in mind, that when you do a Google search on yourself, the results are affected by the fact that you are using your own computer and are signed into your Gmail account. Your regular search habits and actions on Google will always affect search results. Use a computer you have never used before to get a more accurate list of your personal indexing………….and do not sign into Gmail.

The first page of your personal indexing is critical. This is where people will form an online impression of you in under 10 seconds. Sometimes this impression will get you the new assignment or impress a potential client.

Meeting Takeaway
The discussion ended with specific, easy to implement action items that can be used by anyone to gain more online search engine popularity. A copy of the steps are listed below. These are not advanced concepts and do not take up a huge amount of time to execute. However, many business professionals are not implementing them regularly.

Finally, it must be noted that a very relavent comment was provided below by Cushman & Wakefield San Francisco Chief Operating Officer Sandra Boyle: ” Be careful not to make social media your only connection point. It may cause you to become disconnected.” This is of course true, and as always, the Commercial Real Estate industry is primarily a people business. It’s about personal interaction and face to face dialogue. Social Media should always be used in moderation.

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